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Amplifying your Authentic Narrative

 capturing attention 

with your ideal audience.

"I do all the seos and have my site focused on lead conversion & I have all the funnels. What does a narrative have to do with anything?"

... one might wonder ...

There are many benefits to sharing your Authentic Narrative (Story).

You're being real. You're being attractive to people that align with you & your product/service. Knowing your ideal connection/ audience will enhance the impact–not just the sale.

Enhancing SEO with an Emergent Process focused on growth adds a new dimension to your marketing awareness.

Visually, it's like a thread connecting all of the pieces together, a roadmap, mindfully tailored to fit your business. Building upon your current successes and taking aim toward new goals. I emphasize focusing on connective/relatable content, SEO best practices, relevant strategy and core values.







These elements combined create your brand's Magic.

"It's like Digital Feng Shui."

I focus on WordPress and Wix websites. Although my overall strategy is platform independent, I specialize with those powerful tools. I enjoy sharing my creative spin on perspectives, solutions, and services as a consultant or directly myself.


Website Design & Development. Wordpress.

Website Design & Development. Wordpress. Designed with OptimizePress.

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FeetLoveOils Brochure

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Design & Development. Wordpress. Designed with OptimizePress.

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I'm JesseCoal.

Coach. Designer. Digital Marketer.

I've been in the marketing and advertising world since 2004. My experiences have been focused on technical implementation. Initially with developing custom websites then expanding to include on-site optimization for SEO and marketing. This has given me a solid perspective with the industry. Now, my focus is shifting to providing relevant consultation and solutions for Coaches, Advisors, and Organizations seeking to gain an edge with their marketing efforts.

I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with me, you can expect collaboration with transparency and authenticity.


Fuel to Empower Awareness & Response

March 20, 2020

As a person of action, you are aware of the realistic nature of this experience called life. You have come to value and respect both love. And. Fear. You have come to know that life is a gift. That mortality is a given. And you will do what is necessary to ensure more than just survival. You desire to ensure that you and those connected to you: thrive.


Fear has been given a bad rapport. It's been demonized. There are narratives that call for one to choose love over fear. On the pretense that fear is bad. An evil entity/force that must be expelled.

This is dangerous. And delusional.

Love and Fear are not independently existing forces. They're not linear and cannot exist without the other. They're not opposite sides of a coin. They are holographic forces, simultaneously existing, interdependently communicating both inner and external observations of life. Fear is a vital feedback component.

Fear provides an important aspect of living

within a flesh and blood reality.

It's true. Most of us will never be hunted and stalked by a mountain lion or territorially smashed by a bear. But. We are still mortal. Until we ascend this flesh through death or raised frequencies or what ever, being aware, knowledgeable and discerning of your surroundings, situations, etc. may very well keep you living until tomorrow. "Tomorrow is never promised…"


I've lived with the narrative that Fear should be avoided. That it needs to be expelled. I've done a lot to keep love in the forefront. And sacrificed a lot of myself to it. But, now I realize how much of an egotistical and selfish delusion that has been.


Fear will not go away because of wishful thought programs.

Triggered yet?

Let me explain something for the sake of clarity…

Fear is not the inner-oppression of dangerous situations/people. Fear is not tyranny, torture, subjugation, possessiveness, narcissism, pain, etc.

This is important: Fear has been misused. What people have really been concerned with avoiding: anticipation. Anticipation of an event/situation/etc. that will cause harm to self and others. Because of this, one must consider adjusting their inner-translator to recognize that when people suggest removing fear from one's life, the understanding is that it's the negative anticipation–negative anticipatory/conditional programming–that deserves the attention to be overcome.

Fear is a messenger.

Fear is like "Spidey sense".

It informs of potential danger.


Fear will save your life. Love will give you more pleasure, joy & happiness of life.

"Tomorrow is never promised, so love and appreciate the people who are in your life."

Here's another way to put it…
A child is born innocent. Only knowing love. So it reaches out to touch a hot stove and gets burned. Love won't stop that child from touching it again. Unless you abuse that child by sheltering it from harm–which is a toxic extreme of love. The child must learn the consequences of touching a hot stove, for itself. The messenger that chimes a notification to the child is fear. Fear warns and protects of potential harm.

Fear is like Fuel to Empower Awareness & Response.

Fear is the instinctual version of the OODA Loop.

As a result of this view of fear, I have been able to release the paralyzing hesitancy of avoidance and instead pay respect to what fear must bring to my attention.


As a final note. Fear and Love are holographic. And.

Both can have extreme and toxic behaviors;

as well as beneficial, valuable behaviors.

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